[HD] Elton John, Leon Russell, Sheryl Crow & Neko Case – “Helpless” (Live, 2010)

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39 Responses

  1. Neko Case is a wonderfully talented musician from Tacoma, WA, who started out in the Canadian indie collective the New Pornographers. Her solo stuff is a gorgeous blend of a dark country aesthetic and instrumentation with a sultry and powerful, ranging voice, and soaringly poetic lyrics. Check out the “Furnace Room Lullaby” if you want more of her country approach, or “Middle Cyclone” if you want her more alternative sounds., shes the best

  2. Check her work with Jakob Dylan or her own work ‘Hold On Hold On’ or her cover of Harry Nilsson’s ‘Don’t Forget Me’ My daughter introduced me to her.

  3. My guess is the stage lighting bothers his eyes, and makes it easier for him to see the teleprompter with the lyrics. Elton also often wears sunglasses on stage.

  4. This might also be a stupid remark, but as I well know the sunglasses are part of his image, cannot figure out why a man with the sexiest pair of eyes in the world would want to cover them up.Leon has great expressive eyes when He plays and actually shows them.

  5. I thought they did a great arrangement of this song, Cheryl Crow’s voice sounded wonderful

    the piano was superb, and Leon throw that fucking cowboy hat away ….

  6. yes, he has a knack for doing that. there are so many songs that he has covered that i prefer to the originals, which is kind of confusing because i usually like original versions better, except for when Mr. Joe Cocker covers a beatles song which makes a huge improvement over the originals. Mr. Russell is one of the greatest musical artists today.

  7. I agree with you. I’m one of the biggest Leon fans alive, and I’ve seen him in concert 48 times. I’ve noticed that he uses a monitor, too. But then again, he’s had 3 brain surgeries, and he always wears dark glasses cos the lights bother his eyes. I don’t care, it’s always an honor to be in the presence of the Master of Space and Time.

  8. Leon uses a moniter that has the lyrics on it. It’s not a critisism just a fact. I think they are both awesome and The Union is one of Elton’s best albums ever.

  9. Excuse me? are you kidding me? I am pretty sure, even if they are older now, they still know what they are doing, and still sound pretty damn good.
    Love Leon Forever!!!

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